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Thank you for your interest in joining our amazing guild!​

We are looking for members (both new and experienced) who want to be part of a large and diverse gaming community of players from all over the world! 

We have a philosophy of self improvement & teaching: we look for players who will challenge themselves and are always trying to improve their skills in the game. 

We will provide assistance to them via information, builds for just about everything in the game. The goal is to develop well rounded players who are interested in participating in all aspects of the game.

We also want players who are interested in being part of an active voice chat community. This attitude extends in everything we do and it shows via the growth of our players!


1. NO DOUCHEBAGGERY which includes but is not limited to: 
- No white knights and other keyboard-crusaders.
- Lack of teamwork in group content.
- Negative behavior reflecting poorly on the guild (sh*t talking in sPVP, LFG pick groups for raids, FOTM, etc)

2. We require 90% guild representation, with some commonsense temporary exceptions: 
- Personal bank guilds (rep rule does not apply in any towns.)
- Special interest event guilds (for WvW, Raids, Teq, Wurm, etc.)
- WvW Alliances & PvP league competitive tournament team.

3. We clean up inactivity regularly, make sure to notify us for extended absences of 2+ weeks in the AFK thread on the forums to let us know you will still be playing with us!


4. Voice Comms. are required for Guild Missions, Raids, WvW, Tequatl, Wurm and other organized Guild Events.

  Discord -- For Chat & Guild Updates

  Teamspeak -- Voice Comms (Security & Codecs Are Better)

Be advised that regular use of voice comms is expected from all members for guild events.  For most situations, you do not need to have a mic and speak (although we encourage you to) but please be able to listen.  A mic is highly recommended for raiding (absolute requirement at discretion of raid leader).


Do you understand and agree with these rules? (Review #1 and #2 again)

Player Information:

What is your full account name?

How Old Are You?

Do You Play At Least 15 Hours Per Week? ('No' is Acceptable)

Do You Play at Least 15 Hours Per Week?

What Is Your Timezone?

Are You Open To Using Voice Comms?

**Being interested in using voice chat REGULARLY is essential to being in our community.

When did you start playing GW2? Have you taken any breaks from the game since you started playing  if yes, how many and how long? And do you plan on playing consistently in the forseeable future? 

What guilds have you been a part of in GW2? Feel free to elaborate on any you feel are worth mentioning.

What experience do you have in other MMO's if any?  Any raiding experience in other games or GW2?

In your own words please explain what you feel a successful member's participation looks like.

What are your strengths and weaknesses and what do you feel you can contribute to the guild?

What are your current and future goals in the game?

How many achievement points do you have?

What GW2 server are you currently playing on?

Do you have either: [Heart of Thorns (HoT) + Path of Fire (PoF)] and/or End of Dragons (EoD) Guild Wars 2 Expansion(s)? -- Having minimal access to Specialization(s) is a requirement for joining our guild.

-We expect all of our members to be in Teamspeak during these events if they are attending and available.-

Are you willing to attend some / all guild events regularly and adhere to our voice chat policy? Please list the events you intend to attend on a regular basis.

We require an API key to verify guild applications. 



API keys are created at:

If your API key is not completely functional (some things are left unchecked) we will be unable to review your application and we will reject it until you provide us with a functional one (you can reply to a rejected key in the comments box).  

Do you understand the concept of META builds?  Do you use them?
We use the META (or variations of it) regularly in all guild-related content.

To make sure your characters are updated for current meta please use:


*If you have questions regarding how to build your character for meta, feel free to contact us to ask and let us know you are willing to fix your gear.

Who do you know in [VoA]? How do you know them?

Thanks for applying!

-Turn around time is typically 1 - 2 days. But feel free to reach out to any of our officers on the "About Us" page if you don't hear back!-

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